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Submit answers to below ideas to wr@StudentsToExecutives.ORG     

 Cut and paste answers in a word doc –  or in the body of email

* Submit info about you: resume/work/clubs etc… your story – What drives you?
* Contact phone # and best e-mail address.
* At least 3 references, personal and/or professional.
* Number of hours per day/week you would like to invest in your success.
* Times of day/evening you prefer to perform learning/business activities.
* Tell us about yourself; List a few things such as: favorite weekend/nighttime activities, hobbies, types of music you listen to,
* Who are your heroes and why? pets, best friends, etc.
* Describe your top 3 things you look for in a activity and why? i.e. interesting people, types of challenges, atmosphere, learning, opportunities, etc.
* Describe the top 3 reasons for you to dislike or leave an activity and why?
* What really, really, really motivates you?

  • Include short essay – sharing your true desire to succeed – Share your Vision (Essentially111 words or less explaining your WHY – I am one of the ones to soar because…!)   NOTE: S2E™ Business Society approval required.


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  • (Please use same email as the one you sent answers & enrollment letter from Thanks) This makes it super easy to approve & cross check with your application/answers/essay.

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  1. With password you proceed through 11 inspiring, empowering and fun modules at your pace. (Avg. 1-5 modules a week) NOTE: there is time limit to obtain the M.P.S.edge™. HINT: The SECRETS to BIZ, LIFE & LOVE is contained in 11th module
  2. Upon completion you receive an official S2E™ ambassador certification
  3. Certification provides eligibility for advance L.A.B.S.™ (LifeAndBizSessions) where you can earn money performing a multitude of business activities.
  4. You receive a list of advance L.A.B.S.™ opportunities upon S2E™ ambassador certification.

*There is no direct fee but it suggested that if you truly enjoy and benefit from each module or L.A.B.S.™ and find it somewhere in your heart and budget to make a  donation (S2E™ is a registered NGO) fin advance we appreciate you!

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and may success in yours and others lives continue.

Simple concept:

If you don’t have don’t give, but if you do have, “GIVE until it feels GOOD…”

The greatest gift we give is… to inspire & empower someone else!

Again SUBMIT your answers w/letter to to BEGIN


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